ANTI bedroom tax protesters took to the streets of Birkenhead on Monday to voice their anger at what they see as the most “vindictive” aspect of the Government’s austerity cuts.

Waving banners and placards, incensed members of Wirral Campaign Against the Bedroom Tax set off from Exmouth Street shortly before noon before making their way through the town, taking in  Grange Road and Hamilton Square.

Shouting “Axe the bedroom tax”, they finished at the Conway Street One-Stop Shop where they handed in hundreds of letters of appeal.

Campaigner Robert Claridge, from Port Sunlight, said: “A bedroom is not a bedroom which has a bed in it. It has to be used as a place to circulate and as a private space.

"Seventy square metres is not enough to fit what we deem the three basic items in which are a bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers.

"We must ensure that we take a stand at this, the most vindictive aspect of the Government’s austerity cuts."

Wirral Globe:

Bedroom tax protesters marched from Exmouth Street, taking in Grange Road, Hamilton Square and Conway Street.

Wirral Globe: