THE first of 124 electric vehicle charging connections to be sited across Merseyside has been unveiled at Seacombe Ferry terminal.

Merseytravel's publicly-available recharge connections will become a familiar sight at locations across the region, including key railway Park and Ride sites.

The Government-funded project aims to help reduce emissions from transport in both carbon and air quality and to promote a cleaner, low emission transport system.

It is also hoped that the new widely available public charging network will encourage more people to consider buying an electric car.

The focus of the project is on improving connectivity within the region and beyond, they want to create a stronger connection of private travel with public transport and support wider use of sustainable travel options.

Councillor Liam Robinson, chair of Merseytravel, said: "The uptake of electric vehicles by both people and businesses is set to increase in the coming years and this project may help to speed up that process, with all of the associated advantages it will bring for the environment and our economy."

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