A WIRRAL mum has hit out after she was refused a refund on an £84 Liverpool shirt with Luis Suarez’s name printed on the back.

Maxine Lucas had visited the Liverpool store in Birkenhead to buy a football shirt for her seven-year-old son the week the 2014/15 kit was released.

But she told the Globe she is “disgusted” that she is not entitled to a refund even though the Uruguayan striker is expected to sign for Barcelona for £75m before the new season begins.

She said: “I think it’s disgusting that after paying out £84 for the new season’s football kit with Suarez on the back for my seven-year-old son, and then to hear he is leaving before the season is even started, the Liverpool shop in Birkenhead is basically telling me it’s tough.

“They are not prepared to take any kits back with Suarez on the back.

“All them poor kids who are excited to wear their new kits to support their club next season may as well put them in the bin.

“It makes me so angry that a club of this size and with the money they make can allow this to happen.”

But Maxine is not the only parent finding herself in this situation, with many fans unhappy to hear that Liverpool will not be offering automatic refunds if Suarez leaves before the season starts in August.

A disclaimer on the club’s website states that customised and personalised items – including shirts – cannot be exchanged or refunded.

It says: “LFC holds no responsibility for subsequent changes to squad numbers or if a player is transferred.”

LFC shirts can still be ordered online with Suarez printed on the back.