UKULELE player extraordinaire George Formby is the subject of a one-man show coming to Wirral.

Written by and starring Ewan Wardrop, Turned Out Nice Again Hasn’t It? will be staged at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton on Sunday, May 11.

It charts the Lancastrian-born entertainer's rise from awkward stable boy to one of Britain's biggest stars.

Ewan Wardrop plays George, as well as other the key characters involved in this slice of his life.

It features many of Formby’s classic hits including Blackpool Rock, Leaning On a Lamp-Post, When I’m Cleaning Windows, TT Races, Mr Wu and many more.

Ewan, who trained as a dancer before becoming an actor told the Globe: "I've been a life-long fan of George. He’s a very appealling character.

"About 15 years ago I bought a ukulele from a charity shop and decided to play it, concentrating on George’s songs.

"I was asked whether I’d ever thought about doing a full tribute to George. The rest is history"

He wrote Formby For the Edinburgh Fringe 2012. The show is not only a celebration of one of Britain’s greatest performers, but a funny, touching and thoughtful look at the life of an essentially ordinary man with an extraordinary talent.

Wirral Globe: Ewan Wardrop as George Formby

On his idol, who died in 1961, Ewan said: "He was a huge star in his time and still very popular today.

"It took about two years to produce the show, during which time I read four biographies on George and there are some fascinating details.

"People may not know, for example, that his father was a big music hall star who sent George off to be a jockey when he was 10 years old.

"Or that his wife Beryl prevented any other member of his family going into showbusiness.

"This is a show for all age groups, and there’s something for everyone. I constantly tinker with the play, adding my own touches of humour.

"George wasn't a person who was particularly big on humour, so it’s nice to add my own personality and fun to the role."

Tickets for the show are from the Floral Pavilion on or 0151 666 0000.