SAXOPHONE legend Snake Davis and his band return to Wirral next month as part of their current tour. 

The acclaimed funk and soul man - who has worked with the likes of soul legend James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Chaka Khan, Van Morrison, The Eurythmics and Amy Winehouse - is on stage at the Floral Pavilion in New Brighton on Friday, May 9.

His distinctive sound can be heard on M-People's 1995 hit Search For The Hero Inside Yourself and Moving On Up.

During their show at the Floral Pavilion his band will be playing music from their latest album Missing You, as well as classic pop, soul and jazz by artists including Prince, John Lennon and Dave Brubeck.

Also in the band are Paul Birchall, Ali Thynne and Simon Goulding.

Looking forward the show, Snake told the Globe: "Last time I played in Wirral was at Pacific Road Arts Centre, which has since closed down.

"It's a real shame, because I remember having some great nights there.

"But, I'm looking forward to playing at the Floral Pavilion and have heard great things about the place."

In a career spanning 34 years, the Lincolnshire-based enertainer has been seen regularly on TV with Irish girl band B*Witched among others and presented a Saxophone "Masterclass" programme for ITV.

He has played featured saxophone and flute parts - on record and tour - for Lisa Stansfield and M-People.

A highly talented player, he is also a musical director, writer, arranger, bandleader and sought after for his work in education.

Looking back on his career, which began aboard cruise ships, he said: "I have worked hard, practiced hard and have had a good break in the business, working with some wonderful people. I'm very rarely phased by the acclaim I have.

"Admittedly, I do get star-struck, and there are many examples of this. Spending the day with Sir Paul McCartney and Jeff Lynn from ELO is among them. Working with James Brown was another event that made me a bit tingly.

"Working with Van Morrison was another experience that left me awe-struck.

"I have admired him for years and finally got the chance to work with him last year in a tribute to American blues and soul legend Bobby Bland.

"Watching Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart perform on stage during The Eurythmics shows was also an electrifying experience."

He continued: "In this world of 'battery farm' music, which seems dominated by things like The X-Factor, it is still possible to have a career in music.

"A lot of my formative years were in Liverpool, learning to play gigs in dodgy bars. But I'd do it all again.

"My advice to any thinking about a career is get out and play, jam and make as many opportunities as you can to get yourself heard.”

On the future he said: "I'm working on an album of chilled out reflective, meditative music using a traditional Japanese woodwind instrument called a Shakuhachi. It's an exciting project and I hope the fans will like it too."

Tickets for his Floral Pavilion show, which starts at 8pm, are from the box office on or 0151 666 0000.