A MUM paid tribute to her 21-year-old son who lost life in the Hillsborough disaster.

Brenda Fox, mother of Thomas Steven Fox – known as Steve to his family and friends – said she had “needed eyes in the back of my head” when he was little.

Mrs Fox today told the new Hillsborough inquests that her son carried an organ donor card in his wallet at all times, including the day of his death, following an accident on his moped.

She told the hearing: “He said he had been lucky and that next time, he might not be.

“Had he been taken to hospital, many others would have benefited. Sadly, he never made it to hospital.”

Steve attended St Joseph’s Primary School and Plessington High, and had been an altar boy at his local church.

He was a well-liked student at school who loved all sport, especially football.

Mrs Fox described Steve as a “caring, funny, smart and sensitive animal-lover” who she said was a pleasure to be around.

“He died on April 15, 1989, along with a potential husband, father, uncle and friend.

“He is still greatly missed by all who knew him.”