A WIRRAL dad says he is “appalled” with a private parking firm that landed his wife with a parking ticket as she shopped for baby supplies in Liscard.

Adrian Stott, from Wallasey, contacted the Globe after he was left fuming at ANPR Ltd for issuing the ticket to his wife Sharron on March 27.

The 41-year-old had been into Cherry Tree Shopping Centre to pick up items for the couple’s five-month-old baby Mia but when she returned, she discovered her BMW had been slapped with a penalty notice and would have to pay £100, or £50 if paid within 14 days.

Sharron had parked in a parent and toddler space, something husband Adrian says she was entitled to do because she had Mia with her.

“When she went back to the car she saw the ticket,” explained 39-year-old Adrian.

“At first she thought it was for going over the time but when she checked her ticket, it was for two hours.”

When Sharron opened the parking ticket she realised it was for parking in the parent and toddler bay with no child.

“We spoke to them and they said there wasn’t a child seat so they assumed there was no child but the child seat is one of those that you take out and attach to the pram, so she had taken it with her.”

Adrian told the Globe he asked to see CCTV footage of the incident but he says he was told that was not possible.

“I am absolutely appalled at how they have dealt with this,” said Adrian.

“Sharron appealed against the ticket and they sent a letter back straight away to say she is still being fined.”

“People are being fined for parking in a child space when they actually have a child – how many others have had to pay?”

“She was only parked there for nine minutes – she had just gone to get baby things and do a little shop.”

Being able to park in the parent and toddler space is a “God send” to the Stott family, who say they rely on it when they have their daughter with them.

“I just think it’s absolutely appalling and I want people to realise what these people are doing – they shouldn’t get away with it - it is absolutely disgraceful.

“How are you supposed to prove that you have a child with you? They should have a permit for parents like they do for disabled people.”

A spokesman for ANPR Ltd told the Globe the site is monitored at all times to ensure “fair play”.

“If a child had been present we would not have issued a ticket and had a child returned, the ticket would have been quashed,” explained the spokesman.

“Normally [the motorist] will telephone us when they are on site and we will send an attendant within minutes who can verify that a child is present.

“We received no such phone call in this instance and we have no evidence that suggests that we are in the wrong.”