IT'S there in the title – Nicky Allt's theatrical tribute to his beloved club.

The passionate musical is back for a short season and judging by the first night there's going to be plenty of tears and laughter in the Roe Street theatre of dreams.

Director Bob Eaton and Howard Gray, musical midfielder, are also talented twin strikers in this celebration, indeed party. The on-stage band are premiership musicians.

YNWA – You’ll Never Walk Alone - gives LFC football fans what they want.


Nicky has written a heart-felt tribute marking 120 years of this world famous institution.

And what a team list who convey the story – reminiscent of the Everyman's love of their casts being multi-tasking, versatile players.

Here the ten man and woman squad relish the challenge right from kick off to the final whistle – 90 or so minutes – with no Fergie Time.

It is a play of two halves – the first energetic, pace setting being the tactical approach and the second more reflective.

The plot is a simple uncluttered one - a family who run the 12th Man pub say goodbye to life long red granddad and look back on the club that won and broke his heart.

A huge screen relays classic moments in Liverpool’s history. It is the first time I have seen an audience on its feet clapping video clips.

Shankly is rightly revered as are all the respective managers and there are very moving scenes regarding the dark days of Heysel and Hillsborough.

Lindzi Germain deserves special credit for a lovely soliloquy.

Jake Abraham as Gerry and Mark Moraghan as Tommy play their socks off.

Rachel Rae's Tia has a voice that should one day wow them at the Super Bowl but for now she's ours.

Francis Tucker and Lenny Wood play blinders.

In fact the whole team give their all.

A show that knows and respects its audience.

If you are an LFC fan you will embrace it.

Imagine a trip around the Anfield trophy room but with added songs and characters who bring it all magically to life.

It has been updated since its last campaign and there are some very, very funny moments and some great versions of the classics such as the title song as well as re-workings of Part of The Union and A Horse with No Name.

It is indeed the story so far. Who knows what the next 120 years will bring.

Writer Nicky Allt is already making notes from his dug out.

This is a story well told, sang and delivered with passion from every one involved. Take it as red.

9/10 Kop of the Pops.

Tickets are from the box office on 0870 787 186.