TRANMERE Rovers' players attended a special mayoral reception thanking the club for its role in promoting the borough.

The event, at Wallasey Town Hall on Monday night, was held at the request of council leader Phil Davies.

In attendance was Rovers' manager Ronnie Moore as well as midfielder Max Power, defender Danny Holmes and midfielder Jason Koumas.

Council leader Phil Davies said the club had always helped promote Wirral in a very positive way, and he hoped its close links with the council would continue.

Councillor Davies said: "This reception is to thank the club for the excellent partnership we had during the period we sponsored them.

"I hope that we can continue to work together, particularly on initiatives involving young people, where their input has always been of great value."

The council began sponsoring Tranmere Rovers during the 1989/90 football season, and as part of the deal, Wirral Council branding was used on the club’s home and away shirts.

Club players were also enlisted to support council events and activities, and were particularly useful helping to engage so called ‘hard to reach’ groups.

The sponsorship arrangement was originally in place to re-pay a loan from the Council to the club, which was repaid in full in 1998.

It renewed the deal on an annual basis based on the benefits the Council received in promoting the borough, and the club’s support for sporting, school, and community events.

The council stopped sponsoring the club in 2013 as part of budget cuts.

Wirral's mayor, Cllr Dave Mitchell said: "Tranmere Rovers have always been great ambassadors for the borough and have a unique position as Wirral’s 'own' football club.

"They have helped promote Wirral in a really positive way, and were always happy to support community initiatives and events.

"Players and club officials have visited our schools, communities and sports centres, helping us promote key initiatives to groups and people who would otherwise have been hard for us to reach".