Motorists who park irresponsibly on pavements and footways could face the same penalty charge notices as those who park on double yellow lines.

Wirral Council and Merseyside Police have joined forces in a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers and inconvenience pavement parking can cause to pedestrians - particularly those with pushchairs or in wheelchairs.

Part of the campaign features a leaflet which, at first glance, looks like a fixed penalty notice.

These will be placed on vehicles which officers from the council or police deem to be causing an obstruction.

The leaflet is designed to inform, but also warn, that next time the notice could be a real one from the police carrying a fixed penalty of £60.

Parking on pavements and grass verges can also cause unnecessary damage, which costs the council money to put right.

Councillor Harry Smith, cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: “Drivers mistakenly think that by parking on the pavement they are doing the right thing, they are not.

“They are being irresponsible.

“Indeed, cars parking sensibly on the road can have a positive safety effect in that it mean vehicles have to give way to each other, which can help to reduce speeds.

“Pavements and footpaths are for pedestrians only and it is right that parking on them should be considered as unacceptable as parking on a double yellow line or not paying in a pay and display car park.”