Birkenhead MP Frank Field is to press for a Parliamentary debate into the result of an investigation into Wirral Council’s director of technical services, David Green.

A lengthy inquiry found Mr Green – suspended from work since March - had “no case to answer” and he was told to return to his desk next week.

Mr Field said: “I have never read a report in which the review of evidence appears to be so poor yet the conclusions so definite.

“Now all the allegations have been found to be groundless, I am left wondering why it was ever felt necessary to stage such a massive and unprecedented revolution in the way Wirral Council is managed.

“I wonder why so many senior officers were suspended, why so many left and why so many ‘strategic improvement plans’ put in place when all along the perceived need for major change was wrong.

“However as far as I am concerned, there are a great many questions still to be answered and I shall be tabling a debate in Parliament to fully air them.”

The controversy centres around the way an outsourced multi-million pound highways maintenance contract with the Colas company had been handled by the council.

It began back in 2008 when a group of whistleblowers raised concerns over what they claimed were “irregularities.”

They took their concerns to Mr Field and he has championed their case ever since.

The issue triggered two probes by local government financial watchdogs the audit commission and a further independent inquiry by consultant Richard Penn.

David Green had faced claims he had met with a representative from Colas at a crucial stage in the tendering process and had delayed declaring a “personal relationship” with the representative, breaking council rules.

But on Christmas Eve, the council issued a statement saying the review by Mr Penn had found Mr Green had “no case to answer” in all the allegations against him and that he will be returning to work.

Mr Penn, a former council chief executive, also said Mr Green had no case to answer in the matter of allegations raised by the whistleblowers that he was involved in “detrimental treatment” of staff.

Mr Penn’s report concluded: "In summary, Dave Green contends that there is no evidence of any wilful neglect of duty, disregard for council procedures or authority, misleading elected members or any other conduct issue that would require disciplinary action.

"He believes that he has provided comprehensive information to support this contention."

As yet it is unclear what role Mr Green will take when he returns to the town hall as many senior positions were “deleted” under a major restructuring of the management system by new chief executive Graham Burgess.

A council spokesman was quoted in the Liverpool Echo as saying nothing has been decided in relation to Mr Green's position.

Colas wrote to the council earlier this year saying it did not wish to proceed with the contract beyond 2013.