FANCY being a star of the big screen?

Thanks to Wirral scriptwriter and director Fiona Maher, becoming a movie star could be easier than you think.

Fiona, from Bebington, is financing her latest film by allowing budding actors to bid for a part on ebay.

The film is called Blah Witch' and filming will take place in February 2007.

"As the film is being produced on a micro-budget, this is the ideal way to raise funds for the film, while also allowing actors the chance to star in a real movie," said Fiona. "The film is about a hapless music student who decides he's going to try and make a film like The Blair Witch Project.

"Because Blair Witch only cost £15,000 to make and has since made over £100m, everyone thinks they can make a film like it.

"It's best described as Spinal Tap meets Blair Witch and is very much a comedy.

"The actors who win the auction will spend between one and three days on a film set in the Northwest - with some parts being filmed in Wirral and Cheshire."

Blah Witch is Fiona's eighth film, but the first in which this unusual method of cast selection has been used.

"Having a part in this film would be perfect for anyone who has studied acting, but can't get further work because they're not in a union, or lack experience," said Fiona.

"It's also one of the most unusual gifts on ebay at the moment."

Fiona admires the filmmakers of the Blair Witch Project for their clever marketing of the film and hope she will enjoy similar success: "Contrary to popular belief, filmmaking isn't glamorous, but it is great fun. Although the actors won't be paid, they'll receive all of their expenses and it's great experience for anyone wanting a career in films or television. Everyone taking part will receive a copy of the final version on DVD and also have the opportunity of attending the premiere."

There are ten places available in the film, so to be in with a chance, visit and start your bid for stardom. Bidding starts at £100.

For more information on Fiona's other films, visit