Lady Colin Campbell is already one of the most controversial I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here! contestants in the history of the series.

And the current run hasn’t even finished yet.

The 66-year-old author, dubbed Lady C, has been at the centre of some of the worst rows this year.

I'm A Celebrity's Duncan Bannatyne and Lady Colin Campbell
I’m A Celebrity’s Duncan Bannatyne and Lady Colin Campbell (ITV/Rex)

An argument about soup resulted in the Jamaican-born writer branding Dragons’ Den star Duncan Bannatyne a “mouse” and a “little p***y”.

She clashed with choreographer Brian Friedman about how to cook goat and she said he was “full of s**t” and a “b***h” during a huge fight over the jungle boutique hotel task.

Until we hear next from Lady C, here are some of the most memorable I’m A Celebrity spats.

1. Edwina Currie versus Kendra Wilkinson

The former politician and the US reality TV star’s ugly 2014 exchange started over an innocuous remark.

Kendra told broadcaster Michael Buerk that it was best to “never live your life for other people”.

Edwina butted in to disagree, and the back and forth ended when the American lost control.

Edwina Currie in I'm A Celebrity
Edwina Currie in I’m A Celebrity (ITV/PA)

“Get your heartless ass out of our conversations! Shut the f*** up and go back to sleep where you belong!” she cried.

“You come in here with your piece of s**t ass and make people feel bad. Who are you? The Queen of England? The queen of the jungle? Just shut your f***ing mouth.”

The other camp mates tried to make peace.

2. Rhona Cameron versus Nigel Benn

The first real I’m a Celebrity fall-out happened all the way back in 2002. The boxer got annoyed at comedian Rhona for her “constant moaning”.

“I don’t want to talk to a homophobic person!” Rhona, who is gay, cried.

“Why don’t you go and read your Bible? Better still, why don’t you f*** off and leave?”

He replied: “If you were a man, I’d knock you sparko.”

3. Janice Dickinson versus Lynne Franks

This formidable duo manage to fight over the smallest of things while they were in the jungle back in 2007.

I'm A Celebrity star Lynne Franks
I’m A Celebrity star Lynne Franks (Yui Mok/PA)

In one heated exchange, model Janice called PR supremo Lynne a “shrew”.

Lynne responded by calling the American “one of the most horrible people” she had ever met.

TV star Janice Dickinson
TV star Janice Dickinson (Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

Janice branded her “a witch”.

To say they didn’t get on is an understatement.

4. Phina Oruche versus Scott Henshall

Most spats in the jungle are verbal, but a row between the Footballers’ Wives actress and the designer turned physical during a task.

Scott and team mate Matt Willis, the eventual 2006 champion, were competing for the Celebrity Chest against Phina and Lauren Booth.

The fashion star blocked the women from getting the chest so Phina jumped on his back.

Scott said later: “She’s completely psychotic. She was acting like a wild animal. If a spider bites me, that’s fine. But if another contestant sinks their teeth in, I think that’s overstepping the mark.”

5. Natalie Appleton versus Sophie Anderton

I'm A Celebrity star Natalie Appleton
I’m A Celebrity star Natalie Appleton (Tim Ockenden/PA)

When they weren’t calling each other a “b***h”, model Sophie and pop star Natalie were sniping about each other to the other contestants in 2004.

Sophie Anderton pictured in 2014
Sophie Anderton pictured in 2014 (Ian West/PA)

In one row, an upset Natalie told Sophie she had “no emotion” and was obsessed with her looks. Sophie later said Natalie was fragile, but also “a b***h”.