"IT'S like stepping into a dream," said writer and creator Amit Lahav in a pre-show radio interview this week.

I would certainly agree with that astute observation.

Dreams are not easy to interpret.

Nightmares even more so.

This latest touring production has taken three years to bring his concept to the stage.

The Wedding is a very physical play featuring Gecko's trademark – imaginative, innovative dance.

First-class design from Rhys Jarman and original music from Dave Price create an unsettling enigmatic atmosphere throughout.

There are plenty of wedding dresses used and discarded teddy bears – contributing to the visual power of the work.

Emotions are laid bare.

I always come away mentally exhausted from their welcome visits.

The Wedding will make audiences work just as hard as the energetic ensemble on stage.

I have been impressed by Gecko's originality before and moved by their fluidity of movement - individually and collectively.

You do feel you have been in a theatre when sharing their own experiences - their vision.

Here Gecko ask the abstract thought "are we wedded to society?" 

But is it an arranged marriage.

What drives us to question the vows, and permanent ties – some willingly taken others somehow forced upon us?

That overused critique 'thought-provoking' actually applies here as you leave after 80 minutes of diverse imagery from the dark to the joyous.

As with relationships, dreams, the workplace, community, identity, loss of childhood, immigration, contracts - all these themes are conveyed here.

Yet there will are always be more questions than answers.

An astonishing 13 languages are used on stage devising performers from across the globe.

Here is a pre-show tip from this reviewer.

Before you sit down to see this play with music and distinctive dance read the programme notes which will give you a creative curtain-raiser insight into what to expect.

Gecko invite you to join them on a journey. Hold on to your seats.

Wedding Daze! Four Stars

The show ends on Saturday.

Tickets from the box office on 0151 709 4776