ROMANCE, obsession and deluded dreams are dramatic bedfellows for any screen or stage play.

They are also in abundance in this stunning touring musical Sunset Boulevard.

It is a classic story, based on Billy Wilder's famous 1950s film, with the book by Don Black and Christopher Hampton.

Music is from maestro Andrew Lloyd Webber - clearly his own valentine card to the golden ages of Hollywood from the final credits of silent films to the arrival of talking pictures.

Norma Desmond and Joe Gillis are an unlikely partnership.

These central characters are compelling to watch and listen to from the opening sequence to the thrilling, dark finale.

Norma, a one-time Tinsel Town screen goddess, lives in a mansion with a grand staircase and her loyal man servant Max.

Her sparkle has faded just like her press cuttings.

She is the Miss Haverhsam of Sunset Boulevard – a complex yet desperate diva waiting for a career sunrise.

Joe Gillis, a financially-challenged studio writer, stumbles upon this one-time glamorous star after escaping the debt collectors in a car chase leading him to 10086 Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

Norma needs another box office-winning hit and Joe is just the man she sees as the re-writer of her script.

Joe is captivated by her lavish life-style and at first friendly persuasion until it gets seriously out of hand.

He is really smitten with Betty a fellow writer and here the story twists and turns - just like the plots in all the best movies.

A 16-piece orchestra under the leadership of Adrian Kirk provide a sweeping cinematic styled score.

Now to the stars.

Ria Jones is mesmerising as deluded Nora.

The Swansea singer has a 'belt' voice. And what a belter she is on every single song.

Dan Mac has swagger and charm as Joe and he shines on the gutsy title number.

And full marks to Adam Pearce's portrayal of Max – a man who hides a secret as illustrated in his touching version of The greatest star of all.

Nikolai Foster’s direction is faultless and fast-paced on Colin Richmond's slick set designs which recreate the hustle and bustle of the Paramount film lot.

Before the show started we were warned about strobe lights and shot gun effects.

Happily, there's so much more packed into this gripping, moving, visually vibrant piece of storytelling.

The atmospheric back-projections are another bonus in this marvellous production.

The 56-strong cast thoroughly deserved the opening night's standing ovation.

Masterful Musical - Five stars.

The show is on until Saturday.

Tickets from 08448713017