HE says he is 'a man in his 50s viewing the world and and putting it to music.'

Frankie Goes to Hollywood came along and it was the spark that turned the former electrician into a rock star back in 1984.

Brian Nash enjoyed himself in FGTH.

Three of their number ones remain classics their debut Relax, followed by Two Tribes and Power of Love.

He sings only the latter in this two-hour-plus solo set.

Nasher doesn't do nostalgia and besides an acoustic guitar could not bring out the multi-layered production of the unique Frankie sound.

This is Nasher with Echo pedal and - he pointed out to laugh out moment - a brand new guitar case as well as a whole range of songs that show he can rant and roll while being sensitive too.

Since going alone in 1995, he has three albums under his creative belt and the fourth 4321 - Open The Vein is rightly receiving rave reviews.

It is full of clever, witty and heart-felt lyrics and catchy melodies that show his skills as a songwriter.

He told the standing-room-only audience that he is not prolific and that he will only record a sing when it works for him.

Don't Go Yet is a plaintive reflection about the loss of a friend called Kevin which he says sounds different every time he plays it live.

It moves me each and every time and I, for one, hope he will record it one day to add to my Nasher collection.

Nasher invited - via Facebook - for his followers to create the set list.

And we were treated to some gems from his back-catalogue.

A Girl Like You is Beatle-esque recalling his early cinema-going days in Tuebrook.

Anther request Ruby Blue has hit single written all over it. 

His anti-war Pebbles to Dust is powerful and incorporates Edwin Starr's War in the closing refrain.

Prostitutes and Cocaine is unashamedly dedicated to George Osborne's past as a Buillingdon Boy.

He talked about being adopted and heading to County Kildare to trace his roots.

Footsteps of Ghosts is, indeed, a haunting musical account.

Nasher has the gift of creating an intimate atmosphere and provides all the skills of a stand-up comedian – he is a natural storyteller and long may his tales continue in between songs.

Salt in our Veins is his Liverpool tribute anthem and is one of his strongest personal songs to date singing of his city's heritage.

He ended with Power of Love with stunning vocals to match calling in a tongue-in-cheek way for '80s mood lights.

But that song was then and this is now and Nasher is enjoying solo success.

Let's hope he gets to play what be called "the big room next door – the Philharmonic Hall.

"It's been epic," he said as he left to a standing ovation.

I couldn't agree more.

Nasher's new album 4321- Open the Vein is out now.