WHEN it first appeared at the Royal Court in Liverpool 15 months ago this new home-grown comedy based around the closure of the Royal Hospital was a smash hit.

My review in the Globe said that it had a healthy life ahead of it and here it is again returning to the venue and with bookings going through the roof - just like one literally 'smashing' special effect.

The show’s posters show a wrecking ball in full flow and this will give you an idea how adventurous it is on designer Mark Walter’s stunning set.

This is the type of fast-paced, user-friendly comedy that has become a trademark of this ever welcoming theatre.

I gave it full marks first time around and nothing has changed in that department.

Laughter is a great medicine in these worrying times and the six- strong cast clearly love to administer some light relief. They keep many of the audience in stitches.

It is written and performed by two members of the versatile cast: Lindzi Germain as street-wise tea lady Teresa McDonald and Angela Simms as nurse Florence Davis who has skeletons in her locker.

The scene is set in Ward 8X as the staff and final two patients are being treated in the wind down before moving to the new Royal Building.

Lynn Francis injects doses of daft dialogue as mortuary assistant Mo McGuire who is dead funny throughout.

Court stalwart Alan Stocks gives another cracking performance as scout Master Walter Bush as does fellow local star Danny O’Brien who plays Irish construction worker Paddy O’Shaughnessy perfectly.

Director Cal McCrystal (also with a writing credit) has performed some cosmetic surgery on a few gags from the 2016 version.

The physical comedy remains
as illustrated in the black comedy slapstick sequences involving Phillip Heseltine’s portrayal of the hospital’s poorly patient Mrs Llewellyn

The star studded press night featured Granada’s favourite anchor-woman Lucy Meacock who appears as her herself in some very funny on-screen scenes.

And Flo from the Great British Bake Off received applause as did Lindzi’s mum.

During her pre-show warm up Lindzi did her music hall-styled ‘thank yous’ and cast introductions as well as praising the real life nurses in the audience.

If you have seen it before check in again for a top up - if you haven’t seen it book an appointment now.

I am sure that this show could travel to other cities. The characters, script and direction are all in place.

It is a show with a thumping comedy pulse and a huge heart.

Five stars - Marvellous medical mayhem

The show is on at the Royal Court until September 23. Tickets from the box office on 0151 709 4321.