KATIE Mulgrew has quite a vivid imagination.

She is a successful stand-up and now a playwright to look out for.

Her work Omnibus is the first winner of the Hope University Playwrighting Prize and it is presented by the Liverpool Royal Court and Unity Theatre for a two-week run.

It is also the first production to celebrate the opening of the fab new look refurbished Unity.

The action takes place on a Sunday afternoon as three people who share a house are watching the omnibus edition of EastEnders.

Life starts to imitate art.

The characters are quickly established in director Robert Farquhar's fast-paced frenetic comedy on designer Alfie Heywood’s well-lit sitting room.

The year - according to a calendar on the wall – says 2005.

As a former TV editor and soap critic I remember it well, it was the time when Ross Kenp returned to Albert Sqaure.

There's pedantic Nell (Gemma Banks) and jilted-at-the altar Lauren (Alice Bunker-Whitney) who finds solace in wine.

Mark (Joel Parry) sits in his lounge outfit – Superman t-shirt and trackie bottoms - while his pretty but pretentious girlfriend Jess (Eva McKenna) comes in and out of the kitchen where she is preparing a roast dinner.

Jess says literally at every opportunity without litrally knowing what it means.

Lauren isn't keen on her as her four letter outbursts illustrate.

There are some cracking one-liners and observations scattered throughout in Miss Mulgrew’s script.

When 'gangster' Leslie (Danny Burns) arrives you simply have to keep pace.

It is the comedy equivalent of a car chase.

After the interval, scatty mum Jan arrives.

Jan is played by the wonderfully versatile Eithne Browne.

Ethy provides a magnificently daft monologue – one of many laugh-out-loud moments.

This is a comedy that will travel well.

Full credit to the six-strong confident ensemble who look as though they are enjoying every manic scene as well as the reflective bits that are cleverly inserted.

This quirky comedy – two 45-minute plus acts - is a celebration of comic timing.

Modern Master Farce **** Four stars

Unity Theatre until June 17

Tickets from the box office on 0151 709 4988