In Memoriam

Lewis Broadhurst

LEWIS JOHN JOSEPH BROADHURST 19th January 2019 My darling Lew these are the words I should have written on that dreadful day that I lost you, you were and still are the love of my life. My life has no meaning without you, the day you stopped breathing so did I, when your heart stopped beating so did mine. You went on this journey by yourself but one day I will join you and we will take that journey together never to be parted again. We two were one and one does not work without the other, with hearts entwined forever love will bind our love can never be broken. The day I met you I looked into your beautiful eyes and I knew we were meant to be. That was the first best day of my life, the second best day was when we got married. My heart aches every second of every day and nothing can fix that pain. I know you are still by my side guiding me through this lonely path and one day that path will lead me right back to you, till that time take all my love with you and wrap yourself in it. I love and miss you so much my darling Lewybuns, you were one in a million and you were mine. Your broken hearted Lena. x x x



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