I AM writing in response to the £100m Wirral Council have to save over the next three years and the lack of response from our three elected MPs in Frank Field, Angela Eagle and Esther McVey.

I have been on each of their websites and there is not one mention of these cuts or the effect it is going to have on local services and local people’s jobs with compulsory redundancies a very high possibility.

There are to be meetings in December, January and February after which our local 66 councillors will swing the axe and cut local services and jobs, which would mean more people without work.

This Coalition Government has just bailed out the banks to the tune of £585bn and paid £11bn for the London Olympics, but is happy for services and jobs to be cut for the measly sum of £100m.

Whatever happened to the good ship "Destination Excellence" the council were sailing on a few months ago under Captain Foulkes?

It is about to be scuppered by chief executive Graham Burgess and his three super-executives who have been brought in to do the dirty work while our elected MPs stand by and wait for a vote-winning cause to support.

From a very concerned and possibly soon to be on the dole council worker.