I ATTENDED a recent consultation event and was dismayed to witness what I can only consider to be a "spin" attempt by the PCT cluster panels to persuade the public attending to agree with their proposed plan to move Vascular Services from Arrowe Park Hospital to form a future "Centre of Excellence" based at The Countess of Chester Hospital.

After observing the two PCT presenters allegedly listening to concerns of the public, then unashamedly providing answers from an obviously well formatted and memorised script, I got the distinct impression that the proposed plan for vascular services to be relocated is a done deal.

We did not get to see the video presentation due to the intensity of the public concerns.

I believe that the PCTs are to be disbanded within this year by the NHS reforms, which are now enshrined in law and to be replaced by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) for GPs.

Presumably, the PCTs removal comes within the Coalition Government’s bonfire of quangos yet to be activated.

In my opinion, It is downright inappropriate for the PCT Cluster Formal Board (its vice-chairman attended this event) to be making a decision as crucial as this, when they shortly won’t be in existence to be accountable, if their plan fails. Surely, it is imperative that this proposal be deferred until the CCGs are up and running and have the opportunity to review the proposed plan with added insight then being available.

There were around 50 members of the public attending this event.

A show of hands was elicited by one of those attending, which resulted in literally everyone being against the proposal.

I am of the opinion that this PCT proposal for relocation of vascular services has been made to conform to political aspiration as part of NHS reforms with an unseen agenda for reorganisation of hospital facilities across the spectrum of local health services provision. Chris Wellstead by email.