A MAJOR poll in support of the establishment of an English Parliament showed 54% of those surveyed believe it is time England should have its own Parliament, four times as many as disagreed with the idea.

This result comes on the heels of earlier opinion polls also showing that the English are in favour of the concept but I think that the debate over possible Scottish independence has brought it to the fore.

I have been pushing for the establishment of an English Parliament and this latest survey, carried out by the Edinburgh and Cardiff Universities, vindicates my views.

People are increasingly fed up with the Scots getting free prescriptions and university tuition fees and their MPs voting on laws that only apply to England.

There is a growing sense of unfairness, and as it is likely that the Scottish government will get more powers, whatever the result of the referendum, that feeling is likely to increase.

There clearly needs to a rebalancing of power.

Paul Nuttall, North West MEP and UKIP deputy leader