PORT Sunlight is admired by people from all over the world, who relish the historical and architectural importance of the village and its beauty.

Once upon a time, peace was a stroll through the village or the bliss of a walk to enjoy the seasons.

Now all too often we feel intimidated by cars and lorries thundering past using village roads.

Port Sunlight has become a huge free car park for all day parking.

Around the Dell, parking places are all taken by 7.15am and Greendale Road is a nightmare.

Just as the council have put up parking charges in Heswall and before that Birkenhead in which businesses have suffered.

Port Sunlight is an area of conservation and most of the buildings are Grade-2 listed.

Reducing traffic is an absolute necessity and the huge problem needs to be addressed – and soon!

Carole Jones (Mrs) Port Sunlight