CAN I please appeal to all parents of children who are allowed to play out alone that they push, push and push some more the importance of road safety.

This afternoon in a side road off Poulton Road by Central Park there was a lad of about eight scooting down the middle of the road.

He was blissfully unaware we were behind him in our car and swung right around a corner without looking left at all.

My heart was in my mouth at the thought of a car coming along the road he turned onto as it wouldn’t have had time to slow down, and I dread to think what could have happened.

This is the third occasion in a week we’ve seen a child either on a scooter or bike put themselves in a potentially life threatening position, one passing inches in front of a car as they flew across a road to a friend.

It’s not fair on drivers who don’t have control of what these children are doing but could be held responsible for something awful.

I know it’s hard when it’s the summer and they’re enjoying their freedom and just being children, but an attempt to drill home road safety to them could prevent something serious.

Name and address supplied.