I AM a mum of three and it is more than uncomfortable to be on a beach with running wild dogs weeing and sniffing around you not under control of their owners.

We are more than in our rights to want to relax as a family with no dog.

Why can't we do what is a sensible option and do what Australia do and have a part of the beach for families only who don’t want to come in contact with dogs?

Is England too dumb to see this and dog owners are too selfish to see this?

My daughter also has a phobia of dogs and it’s not fair we can't go to one single part of that huge beach in New Brighton!

Just maybe it could be split for a dog free beach.

Please, please don’t ban dogs just make it fair for us to enjoy a part of the beach without dogs and they go and enjoy another part – it's huge!

Emily Walmsley by email.