WITH regards to P Montana's letter Dogs are taking over our public spaces and it’s getting out of control, I really think it is a case of tolerance, common decency and respect.

As a dog-owner myself, I get fed up of irresponsible owners allowing their pets to foul everywhere and harass people and other animals.

Some owners think they can pull up, allow their dogs to manically harass everyone and anyone, and drive off, rather than bother with training and a proper off-leash walk that involves control and recall.

However, the same can be said for out of control children and teens who make life hell for many.

I have had parents allow their kids to run and scream in my dogs’ faces, try and kick them, kick footballs at them, etc.

The parents are usually too busy getting drunk to notice.

Just today I had to stop my car at the dips because a toddler was in the middle of the road.

Parents were too busy burning the grass with their disposable barbecue and crate of beer to care.

We all have to share our open spaces, so common courtesy and tolerance must prevail.

Name and address supplied.