WHILE putting shopping into the boot of my car at my local Morrison’s store at New Brighton, I was accosted by another female driver who wanted my space.

I turned around to say I was not leaving yet, as I was waiting for my daughter and friend, whereupon the driver questioned why I was using a disabled parking bay and said I had no right to it.

Although I asked her several times if she would like to see my blue badge, she would not believe I had a right to have one.

This went on for several minutes until I retrieved my badge from the dashboard, showed her my photograph and asked if she would like to know what was wrong with me.

You see, I have secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and bladder and bowel dysfunction, neither of which are evident to the naked eye.

On a good day, with the right pain relief and effective continence control, I am able to get on with my life.

Perhaps I should wear a placard around my neck to make it easier for people to judge and discriminate against me.

I suggest a look at the Ms Society and Bladder and Bowel Foundation websites.

By the way she didn't ruin my day.

Name and address supplied.