THIS is to the taxi driver in the hackney cab last Monday on Moreton Cross roundabout, who cannot understand the highway code.

Rule 196 is that when the lights are flashing amber, you MUST allow a pedestrian to finish crossing, it also says that even if there are no pedestrians, you proceed with caution, as with any green light, you still have to be wary.

This man nearly hit me with his car, then proceeded to lecture me that a flashing amber light means a pedestrian should “stay where they are”, even if that’s in the middle of traffic!

I hope this driver is caught and charged with dangerous driving in the future. As both a driver and pedestrian, I see drivers trying to mow people down at flashing amber lights constantly.

You wait for them to cross safely.

If it is an elderly or infirm person who takes longer, and even if the light goes on green, you have to wait, you don’t beep or try to intimidate them.

I suggest all drivers should be tested on their theory every five years or so, as the roads are dangerous when drivers haven’t touched their highway code for 40 years.

Name and address supplied.