DOGS are taking over our public spaces and it’s getting out of control.

They are often taken to our promenades, parks and beaches, sometimes as many as four or five of them, and just let off the leash to tear around.

Owners let them harass and jump around my children with a breezy, “It’s all right, mate, he doesn’t bite”.

No, it is not all right, you chose to own a dog, I don’t want it anywhere near me, thanks.

It’s true that most owners pick up after them now, but only when they keep track of them, that still leaves almost every scrap of grass a no-go zone and every corner streaked in urine.

I would ask dog owners, would you happily sit on the grass or sand where a dog has just urinated or where you have just picked up mess to have a picnic or let a child play?

If not, who are our parks and beaches for exactly?

Human beings certainly don’t come top of the list.

P Montoya, New Brighton.