CAN anyone explain to me why children are, yet again, being punished by this Government?

When I took my grandson to nursery the other day, I happened to enquire about an extra day nursery for him as I am so impressed at his progress, due to the excellent staff.

I was informed they had just been told the government had refused funding for all Sure Start Nurseries and that, as of the end of this term, will no longer be practicing as they have been told they are closing down.

I am absolutely disgusted at this news.

Not only for the children who have benefited from the care and attention they have received from dedicated staff, but for the staff themselves as, yet again, they will be out of work and on the dole, something they do not deserve.

I have to conclude this heartless Government doesn’t care who suffers, as long as they save money from the wrong means.

By that, I mean children, parents and staff all suffer while the rich get richer.

Lynne Wilkinson, Wallasey.