I AM writing about the bizarre and incorrect statements made in the article about a poetry competition on page two of Wirral Globe last week.

It states that nationally, an estimated 95 per cent of deaths from exposure to second-hand smoke are from exposure in the home and 40 per cent of children live with at least one smoker.

I wondered how many people you think have died as a result of exposure to second hand smoke.

To my knowledge, it has not been proven that anyone has died as a result of breathing someone else’s smoke, let alone in the home.

I also wonder if you have any impartial evidence to support the assertion that: “Even if adults aren’t smoking directly in front of children, the harmful effects of smoking can linger in rooms long after the cigarette has been stubbed out as 80 per cent of cigarette smoke is invisible and odourless which means youngsters may still be breathing in damaging chemicals without anyone realising it.”

I suggest that if you and others want to persuade youngsters not to smoke, you should tell the truth and not exaggerated fantasies.

Young people may be gullible for a while but they will soon rebel into smoking when they cotton onto the lies that abound the subject.

Peter Exley, Rock Ferry.