I KNOW I’m not the only person to be affected by the unsatisfactory operation of the Mersey Tunnel coin collection units but have not noticed any complaints in the local press.

I am sick of being told I have put insufficient coins in the hopper when I know £1.70 was dropped in! I have chucked money (all silver!) in the hopper, carefully dropped coins in one by one and yet, all too frequently, be told I am 20p short.

While you search for more coins your fellow travellers are leaning on their horns! This only adds to the frustration of the whole experience.

I am sure the tunnel management are aware of this issue but are they also aware that the new 5p and 20p coins must have an iron content as they are magnetic?

This could have some bearing on the problem if a magnetic device is installed somewhere in the collection system!

I am not suggesting any malpractice but an investigation should be ongoing to solve this problem as we, the tunnel users, are still being subjected to increasing tolls year by year.

R Mousley, by email.