DRIVING along Storeton Road early on Sunday morning, I realised why motorists dislike cyclists so much.

I am a keen cyclist and also a motorist and I was left fuming as I was stuck behind about 60 cyclists of which most of them had jumped the red lights at Mount Road leading onto Storeton Road as traffic was kept waiting at the opposite lights to avoid hitting any cyclists.

As the cyclists headed along Storeton Road towards Levers Causeway, they then road five-deep, taking up the whole lane and keeping motorists behind them in a long string of traffic.

I know it was the Liverpool to Chester bike ride which raises a lot of money for charity, but this event needs to be supervised better or all cyclists need to be given better advice before the ride to avoid accidents or before someone is killed, because among these cyclist were a few young kids with family who should know better to ride so erratic on roads that are not closed for this event.

Come on cyclists lets treat the roads with more respect and stop giving motorists an excuse to have a go at anyone on a bike.

Rob Taylor, Bidston