WHAT is it with you people who drive the tunnel / tube with headlights at full beam?

There's nothing worse than having your eyes burned out by the reflection through the rear view mirror.

What part of "No headlights in the tube" don't you understand?

You can switch them off you know. What if you got home one day to find that you’ve got a £60 instant fine for having your headlights on in the tunnel? You'd think twice.

I hear the screams, "Don’t we pay enough? But if you insist on driving with them on, after a few years if enough idiots have been fined then the tunnels might be free. Dream on I hear you cry.

So go on, put cameras either end of the tubes and start fining drivers - they’ll soon stop blinding people. I'm surprised there’s been no accidents because of these irresponsible idiots.

Just think next time you drive through, "Shall I risk £60 or shall I blind the person in front". Oh, what the hell, go on, do both, you know you’ll get away with it.

Mr Wilson Moreton