EVERY morning for the past two weeks, I have past a large van parked in the lay-by on Brimstage Road, just before the Clatterbridge roundabout, which clearly is solely there to advertise a double-glazing company.

Not only is this an eyesore but it uses up valuable room that might be necessary for an emergency.

I also wonder if this form of advertising is legal, as I'm sure no permit is displayed on the vehicle, and the borough council have no idea of its presence?

This sort of advertising is appearing in many areas of Wirral.

There was one on the A41 in the lay-by, backing on to the cemetery near Carlett Park for months.

This one was advertising some name-and-claim solicitors.

I would like to see the council place some sort of ban on this form of visual pollution, or better still have some fine or penalty for cluttering up our roads and highways.

B Lloyd by email