I HAVE had two operations on my pituitary gland to remove tumours.

This gland controls the performance of all your other glands and main organs – it’s like your computer’s Central Processor Chip.

I now need to take several pills daily to replace basic hormones that were once controlled by the pituitary gland.

One of these – hydrocortisol – is needed to keep me alive.

In the event of a shock to my system more of this would be released by the pituitary. Without that I would die.

I'm 67 and I needed a right hip replacement. I saw the consultant - Mr Fynton Adrian Carroll - he understood the dilemma and arranged for me to see his anaesthetist Mr Bhupatt. He too was happy to proceed so I was sent for pre-op assessment and a joint school briefing.

Last Wednesday, I went in to Arrowe Park Hospital for a total hip replacement.

After the operation I was kept in sterile conditions to minimise the risk of infection. All medication was administered as needed – staff changeovers were seamless, the ward was spotless, the food was great.

I came out again – a new man, sore but pain free – on Saturday afternoon. My life restored.

Well done and thank you to all concerned.

Ray Sothcott by email.