IS there anyone else who is getting rather infuriated by the present administration in Wirral Borough Council or is it just me?

The waste is never ending.

To name but one example of excessive expenditure, we have had the two wonderfully extravagant fire staircases fitted at the town hall; perhaps those in charge should organise outings to view the staircases to recoup some of the cost, to include afternoon tea and a trip in the executive lift?

We have had in the last week local council elections.

I ask, was there any real need to have a 32- page glossy brochure for all those attending the count, several to take home, for all the family to make good bedtime reading and also sent out to all candidates and agents across Wirral? At what cost?

While those at the town hall are enjoying spending our money on these niceties, the rest of us are having to put up with the Lyndale School threatened, neverending pot-holes, miserable roundabouts with no flowers, uncut grass and streets which are rarely swept, etc.

This present administration couldn't do a worse job if it tried.

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