I WRITE after reading the letter in last week's Globe from Diane Buxton from Bromborough reminding us that we all have a responsibility to keep Wirral’s environment clean and pleasant (Globe May 6).

Diane referred to the Council's 'get tough policy' on fly tipping. If only this were true.

This month in Oxton alone I have been dealing with instances of builder's rubble dumped in residential streets, old mattresses in entries and even broken glass in public areas.

I contacted Wirral’s Environment cabinet Member Labour Councillor Brian Kenny to ask why the Streetscene website promise to remove flytipping with five working days wasn't being followed with dumping often left until the next scheduled street sweep, which in residential areas can mean a wait of as much as three months.

Rather than take action to ensure the clean up target was met, Cllr Kenny instead arranged for the promise to be deleted from the website!

Not quite the response I was expecting – So much for getting tough.

It makes Cllr Kenny's promise to clamp down on fly tipping and dumping ring hollow and can only lead to scruffier neighbourhoods throughout Birkenhead.

Councillor Stuart Kelly, Oxton, Liberal Democrat