ON Sunday, May 11, the Port Sunlight 10K was run and the bikes raced.

Well done, everyone.

However, did you know that older and disabled people couldn’t get out of their homes?

I was told on the day that 10am was too late to pick my mum up – that was the first I knew that she should have been collected by 9.30am.

We wanted to go to church at 10.15am, but I could not drive around Wirral until that time with the heater on in the car to keep her warm.

I know it is great to showpiece for Wirral, but don't forget our older and disabled residents are not just mildly inconvenienced – it is a major disturbance when they cannot get out of their homes with ease.

Please give them a thought – do not dismiss them as I was told to do with my mum.

Penny Bishop by email