THE chemical spraying season is in full swing.

No area is spared and includes pavements, sidewalks, footpaths, street furniture, verges, the bases of trees, beneath shrubs and bushes, parks, gardens, playing fields, cemeteries and perhaps worst of all, kiddies’ playgrounds.

The stuff that is used contains glyphosate. This is a powerful toxin and is known to be hazardous.

Glyphosate will kill all manner of plants, unless they are genetically modified.

The hit on flowering plants equates to less food for pollinators and therefore leads to a decline in that group of insects.

Bee populations are crashing throughout the world and in many regions, including the USA, pollination now has to be done by hand.

Thus we have, in addition to many others, a threat to future food security.

Furthermore, spraying beneath trees, shrubs and bushes leads to erosion of the surrounding soil.

The ever-increasing occurrence of the wild weather loosens these and the result is that they are uprooted.

The only winners here are corporate and contracted interest.

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