IN the April 16 edition of Globe I read the letters Eyesores to be tackled by council and environmental crime is destructive to community.

I couldn't agree more and their writers are to be commended.

Who allowed the licences of the buildings in New Ferry crossroads?

One covered in bright yellow hoardings that stretch right around it, advertising that they buy gold, another where one has to walk through a cigarette smoke screen and fag ends to get around the corner.

Bet Fred thinks we all need a visit to Specsavers and on the other, bright orange paint to cheer us all up.

What a message that sends out to young people living in the area.

What happened to by-laws that restricted such things happening?

Previous councils have allowed this to happen.

Give New Ferry the same consideration that West Kirby, Heswall and Hoylake, etc, enjoy.

They wouldn't tolerate it, why should we.

Joyce Watkin, New Ferry