FURTHER to MW's recently published letter, I would like to say that I have noticed a great many dangerous motorists on Wirral's roads lately.

They appear to think roads were invented for their sole use, forgetting that roads were used by pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists long before cars were around.

Seemingly oblivious to the Highway Code and the menace they pose, these 'amber gamblers' constantly manoeuvre without indicating, recklessly exceed clearly signposted speed limits, and overtake without leaving sufficient room for other road users.

It's only thanks to the constant vigilance of cyclists that there aren't more accidents.

Motor cars are a relic of the industrial era that really ought to be phased out.

For the safety of all road users and pedestrians, we should reinstate the practice of having a man with a red flag run in front of each automobile as a warning signal.

If grown adults have not yet learned to ride a bike they should take the bus or train.

Wirral has perfectly adequate public transport infrastructure.

Owen Barden by email