I RECENTLY bought a First World War bronze memorial plaque.

These memorials are also known as "Dead Man's Penny."

I knew it had lain in the antique shop for a long time and didn’t like to think of a young man’s death being forgotten.

They were awarded to the next of kin of all those who died in the service of King and country during WW1.

Mine is for Robert Edward Sandbach who reposes in Anfield – Liverpool Cemetery.

He died while on leave from France on December 6, 1918, aged 32, of heart failure as a result of the influenza epidemic that swept the world.

Ironically, sadly, he had served throughout the First World War and succumbed to the flu near the end.

He was the son of George and Mary Sandbach of 120 Copperas Hill Liverpool.

His wife was Mary Ann Sandbach, nee Maddock, previously of 29 West Derby Street.

It seems their marital home was 19 Glenburn Road in Seacombe.

They had a daughter named Eva. Born January 31, 1907.

I feel as if I have come to know this young man, brought him to life in a way, and I wonder if he has any living relatives today in Merseyside?

I would be happy to hear from anyone who might be connected to him.

Linda Lowerson, Lancaster

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