I READ Peter Grant’s "Inferno" column in the April 16 edition of Wirral Globe about jobseekers.

"I'm on the dole", but you mention we’ve got to sign on every week now.


It's every day, I'm informed by the dole. But they don't pay you for expenses.

So, I’ve got to fork out £4 per day to travel to the dole.

I asked about travel expenses and was told "that's what your Jobseekers' Allowance is for."

So, if this everyday sign on comes about, I’m out of pocket £20 a week, and it’s a long walk from Moreton to Price Street in Birkenhead.

And another thing, you’re right about the BRS (Bus Replacement Service).

What they don't do is send enough buses.

Think about how many people you can get a three-coach train, or six coaches in rush hour, about 40 per coach.

That's not counting the standing passengers, I make that about 150 per train.

What do Arriva do? Send a single bus, which can hold what? 37, 38 people?

Anyway. Keep up the good moaning.

Billy Wilson, Moreton