ST George's Day should not only be celebrated, but marked as a national Bank Holiday

This is not the first time I have called for this but it would be fantastic to think it will be the last and my wish comes true soon.

I am so committed to the idea that I have written to the other party leaders asking for their support as I think that with such a consensus real progress can be made on bringing the idea to fruition.

Each year a big fuss is made about St Patrick's Day and I would like to see as much fuss being made about the patron saint of England.

There has been an improvement in public recognition over the past few years but it is really still a very low key event.

We have far fewer public holidays in this country than many European countries and I believe it would be appropriate for one to be instituted for St George.

I hope as many people as possible will show their support for St George by wearing a traditional red rose on Wednesday.

Paul Nuttall,

North West MEP and UKIP deputy leader