NEW information shows 37% of school crossing patrol sites are currently unstaffed – up from 19% the previous year.

It is shocking that Wirral Council has allowed the number of unstaffed crossings to double – I wonder whether the fact Labour have been thwarted in their policy of trying to make school education budgets pay for lollipop crossings has meant they are looking for underhand savings by not filling vacancies.

One of the crossings that is being left unstaffed is in Oxton serving Townfield Primary School.

This vacancy should be filled; in fact the school have been proactive and identified someone to take over the lollipop serving the school.

However, the council has told them that they couldn’t guarantee the new recruit would be assigned to the local school This is ridiculous – lollipop men and women should be local and the school should be applauded for taking the initiative.

It is however strange that the school were told if they signed up to Labour's policy of charging education budgets for the service they would have their new patrol assigned almost immediately.

Cllr Stuart Kelly, Oxton