I WRITE after reading Peter Grant's column regarding realistic support from Jobcentre Plus staff in the new regime.

I have had the recent misfortune of being made unemployed and attended my first interview "to become more attractive to employers".

That is without Botox or any cosmetic surgery.

The interview involved me sitting with a young lady, who displayed an artificial politeness as she revelled in reading and repeating to me the conditions of "My Claimant Commitment".

She delivered her sermon with the well-meaning manner of a Soviet Commissar.

She then went on to write "My Jobseeker Profile".

May I highlight the word "my" in "My Jobseeker Profile"?

Surely that means it should have been written by me?

Now call me old-school, but if I write anything, especially something that can be considered as an official document, I try to make sure that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.

But my JCP Commissar had the writing skills of a 10-year-old; incorrect use and non-use of capital letters, misplaced apostrophes etc.

This is a document that was made my property and signed by me, as if I had written it.

Regardless of my recent experience, I am deeply sympathetic to Jobcentre Plus staff.

I believe that they are doing a thankless task, pushing water uphill without a squeegee.

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