SO Wirral Council think it would be a good idea to bring some life into Hamilton Square (Globe, April 9).

This will be the same council that destroyed the Square about 15 years ago when they converted it from what was effectively a large traffic roundabout.

Around the same time they abandoned the free two-hour disc parking.

The net result was businesses moving away or failing because everything was about location, and the council effectively ruined that for them.

Millions of pounds of public money had been wasted.

They also converted the Town Hall into a museum that hasn’t worked, and are now apparently bringing it back into use as council offices.

Leaving the frontage pedestrianised, as they propose, will not work either, because that is the side of the square that needs passing traffic most of all, particularly buses.

While they are at it, could they also do a U-turn on the huge unsightly yellow road signs everywhere, giving misleading information about the numbers of traffic accidents?

They clearly don't refer to the immediate localities, but more likely the whole length of the roads, which in the case of the A41 for instance, is all the way to London!

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