IT was heartbreaking to read the headline on the front page of March 26 edition of Wirral Globe about the horrific torture of animals.

It was upsetting to read of the poor fox set on by dogs in a cage and the suffering of slow death of these animals.

But what concerns me more is the sentence of just 12 weeks that one of those involved in this barbaric crime will serve.

They will have no pain or torture.

Instead, they will have three meals a day, television, etc.

The RSPCA takes time and patience to catch these people and what do they get? A slap on the wrist.

Whoever the judge was has no heart where animals are concerned.

These people will not stop what they are doing.

They will get someone to stand in for them to watch the torture happen.

These judges need to see torture happen to animals and then they might re-think the sentence.

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