MATHEMATICS was never a strong point of mine.

But I fail to see how the closure of West Kirby and Upton fire stations and the proposed building of a new fire station in Greasby can be construed as economic sense and sound forward planning.

Even proposing such a site was available in Greasby, far from saving money it would add a further financial burden on the rate payers of the region.

Surely Upton Fire Station is strategically far better placed to answer any emergency than the proposed fire station at Greasby.

Moreover, Upton Fire Station is but a stone’s throw from the M53 and therefore can continue to provide a quick response to any call whether it be a motorway, domestic or industrial emergency.

Amalgamate if you must, but perish the thought of building a new station to replace the perfectible viable ones already on our doorsteps!

And, may I inquire, why does the River Dee and Irish Sea require the cover of the fire brigade?

Surely that is the responsibility, and a noble one it is, of the Royal Lifeboat service at Hoylake.

I hope that the chief fire officer of Merseyside goes back to the drawing board and seriously reconsiders his proposals and that economic and common sense prevails.

Mrs Stephanie Miller, Upton